How to Prevent Your Keys from Getting Lost

If you are like most people, then you lose your house keys quite often and have to request the help of a professional locksmith, especially when you don’t have any spare keys. In America, reports indicate that keys are the second most frequently lost items in the home. Here are a few ways that you can use to keep your keys from getting lost all the time.

Learn to use key holders

This may sound obvious, but you may get surprised by the number of people who don’t use key holders. Start by mounting key holders on the wall, preferably near the door. This way you can store your keys safely when you are going in or out of the house. It will also help save time lost looking for keys that you don’t remember where you kept.


When you are out of the house, don’t just place your keys in your pockets where they can easily fall out. Instead, you can use a lanyard to secure your keys to your clothes or even a bag where they will remain secure until you remove them.

Make key copies

Despite how securely you place your keys, you may end up losing them or you might not get them when you need them. It will help when you make key copies and keep them where they will come in handy.

Store your keys together

When you have many separate keys, you may find it hard to keep track which key is for where and you might also easily lose them. To avoid this, keep your house keys together in one ring and your office keys together in another ring. This will help keep them organized in addition to keeping them secure.

Give your keys to someone you trust.

A spare will always come in handy when it is given to someone you trust, such a person can be your relatives, close friend or even a neighbor who will avail the key in your time of need.

When you need to make a spare key or have a problem with your lock or key, don’t hire a locksmith that isn’t qualified. Instead, do a background check on those you intend to hire to determine if they are qualified and also the quality of services they deliver. Go for locksmiths who will keep your home secure.

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– Mark Pollock, Manager

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